Getting better.

Going further.

The only way we can deliver the best environments and platforms for our customers is by investing in the development of our people to be the best they can be. 

Speak to our people and you’ll hear their stories of where they’ve come from and how Rank is helping them get where they’re aiming for.


Development matters

We love helping everyone who works here to be the very best they can be. From day one you’ll start learning more, with e-learning, workshops, bitesize modules and resources that can build your confidence and develop your skills. We help our global teams grow further, by supporting professional development and personal plans for career advancement. We want everyone to understand their own potential and stretch their skills to achieve more than they could ever imagine. This is your development, your way.


Learning more

With a huge portfolio of over 700 e-learning courses to choose from, Springboard is our online platform where you can choose the learning modules to suit your role. With everything from cyber security to mental health and wellbeing programmes, your development will soon be accelerating. Combine the online learning with our structured skills development programmes, like our Managing@Rank Programme, and your professional and personal learning journey will help you raise your game and equip you with every skill you need for career success.

Our Managing@Rank programme helps every Manager across Rank to learn and develop their management skills. With bitesize modules that cover everything from how to plan and host development discussions to recruitment best practice, this core programme equips Managers with the knowledge and tools to be the best Manager they can be.

What’s more we have a bespoke Grosvenor career pathway called Raising Your Game which can take you from an entry level role through to managing a casino. And for those in Management positions we provide the training needed for you to confidently manage the regulatory side of the gambling industry including how we embed Safer Gambling.


Growing further

We help our people grow further by supporting them with clear development plans and personal career paths. This focus and structured approach to development means that we bring consistency to the way we develop people across the group. Everyone who wants to grow here, grows further than they could have imagined.

The Mecca Ambition Programme is a great example of how team members and aspiring managers can join a dedicated programme that equips them for their future career. Over nine-months the programme covers all aspects of Management. With a cohort of 30 successful applicants, you'll learn about management & leadership, HR/ER & recruitment, marketing, finance, time management & decision making as well as focusing on self-awareness, supporting you in your future management career and and creating high-performing teams.


Stretching skills

Stretching your ability to meet and exceed your current potential starts with understanding your skills and capability. This self-awareness to understand and be open to growing and improving is supported by mentoring and coaching, 121 development that really helps enable personal and professional growth. Using a blend of self-awareness tools, expert and experienced support, everyone who wants to stretch themselves will get every support needed to do so.

Leading@Rank is a curated programme of development and support that focuses on what it is to be a leader. It’s more than managing. It focuses on developing your own leadership style, through self-awareness, vision, resilience and collaboration and stretching and growing your leadership talent for success.

This year we are focusing on Coaching Support. Providing external, expert coaching support to our emerging and current leaders. Our goal is to support them to self-develop, stretch and grow to meet and exceed their potential.

Our Internal Mentoring Programme is an accessible resource of mentoring to support growth and development within and beyond your current role. Focusing on key areas of development – matching internal mentors to mentees to leverage the great knowledge and experience across Rank, whilst fostering a sustainable learning culture.

We have an incredible team from all different nationalities. The diverse range of cultures coming together is just amazing!

- Stacey, Senior Copywriter