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Our commitment to inclusion and diversity has never been so essential.

We know that a healthy variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures is essential to providing the balance of voice and diversity Rank needs to succeed. We believe that when you can bring your whole self to work, everyone benefits.


Our inclusion and diversity programme, #BeYourself, has four key aims:


Create an inclusive environment which helps our colleague to develop, be creative and deliver exceptional service


Ensure there is a diverse workforce across all grades


Make inclusion and diversity integral to how we do business.


Demonstrate leadership on inclusion and diversity, internally and externally, positioning Rank as an ‘employer of choice’.


Our Race at Work Charter

We’ve committed to our Race at Work Charter that supports and promotes equality for all. We are passionate that everyone feels connected to this Charter and everyone sees the benefit of it in action. There are five pillars to our Charter:

  • Improve Ethnicity Data Capture and Publicise
  • Take action to support ethnic minority career progression
  • Make equality at Rank the responsibility of all leaders and managers
  • Take action to recruit more ethnic minority staff
  • Build knowledge and understanding of racial equality for all employees

We’ve partnered with some organisations who bring a wealth of knowledge and advice, and we are a better business because of it.

Inclusive Employers

Established in 2011, Inclusive Employers are experts on workplace inclusion. They are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who are committed to prioritising inclusion and creating truly inclusive workplaces.


WiHTL is a collaboration community devoted to increasing diversity and inclusion across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure. Their mission is to support companies across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and to positively impact 5 million employees globally by 2025.

Jo Childs

Jo Childs is a mental health speaker, trainer, consultant and ambassador for getting real about mental health. Jo consults and works in partnership with organisations that want support on their mental health and wellbeing strategy. She has real passion for this topic, and helps us stay abreast of the latest developments.


55/Redefined is the UK’s champion for the over-50s. They advocate for age diversity, positivity and inclusion across all areas of life. Launched to celebrate the aims, understand the needs and help address the challenge of ageism, they’re driving positive change, and we welcome it.

ED&I Colleague Network Groups

Wherever you work around the world, you’re connected through our many groups that bring people closer, help people to be their true self and bring communities of colleagues together to help them inside and outside the workplace. We recognise that having a forum for conversation, questions and sharing experiences brings huge benefit to the challenges we all face. That’s why we are always investing our time and energy into ED&I groups that play a vital part in understanding, respect and fairness.

READ@Rank (Racial Equality and Diversity)

A very recent addition to our ED&I commitments is READ@Rank. This is a focus on Racial Equality and Diversity and in a very short space of time we have a growing membership, a series of Webinars that have delivered powerful information from powerful people. We’ve embraced South Asian Heritage Month by delivering South Asian cuisine to our global office locations and a team in the UK created a video to share their own cultural experiences and a demonstration on cooking South Asian street food. A collaboration between the UK and Mauritius offices highlighted the differences food plays in our different office cultures.



The Wellbeing@Rank programme launched in October 2021 with a vision to keep colleagues engaged, motivated, happy and healthy at work… and beyond. We’ve taken huge strides and practical steps – investing time and resource in supporting colleagues physical and mental wellbeing.

Group-wide, we have launched a Menopause Policy, which includes financial support for treatment, and introduced The Weekly by PepTalk, which provides colleagues with a weekly 30-minute live interactive wellbeing talk. Throughout the year we also provide virtual mental, physical, and financial wellbeing sessions through leading experts.

We’ve done lots of work on mental health, including training over 130 colleagues globally to be Mental Health First Aiders; ensuring we have plenty of support available across our locations and venues. And this is ongoing.

Across our three UK support offices (Maidenhead, Kentish Town and Sheffield), we launched a wellbeing programme to build a culture of healthy work life balance. Amongst other activity, each of the three Support Offices provide breakfast (cereals and toast) and a monthly “Take a Break” treat to encourage colleagues to move away from their screens and interact with each other.

Our focus for 2023 is to make all our offerings universally accessible and align wellbeing activity across all locations.


Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 here.


Originally conceived in 2019, Families@Rank helps colleagues who are juggling the pressures of work with family life. Each of our sessions has a theme and, in the past 12 months, we have enjoyed some illuminating, moving and challenging sessions on subjects as diverse as suffering bereavement, supporting children with special educational needs, addressing work-life balance and navigating school holidays.

We’ve invited guest speakers – both specialists within Rank and, at times, external third parties - to come and share their expertise, wisdom and stories with us. Our group operates in part as a support function for colleagues who may welcome the realisation that what they are going through is not unique, and as a learning environment for those of us who wish to better understand what other colleagues may be experiencing.