and growing

From new people taking their first steps in work, to the experienced leader taking the big decisions, everyone who works across Rank is part of a connected team dedicated to excitement and entertainment. 

Driving all of our people forward is a shared commitment to working, winning and growing together. Meet some of our global talent.

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    UK Facilities Manager

    Rank look and listen to what we need, and they really value our feedback.

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    Assistant Manager

    The managers genuinely do care about how you’re doing. They check in to make sure you’re ok and I feel very supported in my role.

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    Team Member

    It’s a really exciting, fun place to work and be.

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    Senior Transformation Manager

    It’s a really fun, engaging organisation where we put people first.

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    Flexible working means I can get on top of all the things that I need to do at home and come to a job that I love.

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    Team Member

    It’s a very vibrant environment to be in. The best thing about working here is the variety of people and it’s really inclusive – everyone feels welcome here.

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    Head of Product Operations

    I like to support my teams in whichever way I can and here, it’s given me a great opportunity to be able to help the people that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

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    Senior Software Engineer

    This is such a great environment to develop and thrive. It’s so nice to feel seen and valued.

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    Senior Designer

    I have gained so many tools to help me in my work now, and in the future.

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    Senior Copywriter

    We have an incredible team from all different nationalities. The diverse range of cultures coming together is just amazing!

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    Director of Product

    Whatever your situation, you really feel that the company is there behind you, supporting you.

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